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So here they are!

La Sirene
Wild Wit
Unveiling our latest limited release from La Sirene, Wild Wit 2015

Wild, Funky, Tart
ABV 4.8%

Here are some notes from Costa.

“A Farmhouse Style White Ale that was laid to rest back in 2015 in premium Burgundy barrels which previously had Chardonnay in them. We were always enamored here at the brewery by the softness that a well-made White Ale can deliver while being able to delicately hold itself together for many years in many an environment, and with this inspiration, we went to work on creating an age-able white ale that worked as a blank canvas with our house yeast. After a secondary then tertiary fermentation, we hopped this farmhouse White Ale with wonderfully tropical Galaxy to give it a new-world edge. This soft wheat-based farmhouse Ale displays our signature ‘brewery-specific’ wild yeast aromatic characters of Fejoa & green pineapple (courtesy of our living barrels). On the palate, this wild & funky little number has a welcomed lactic sourness showing its age and finishes very dry with our trademark refreshment factor. ”

“Follow Your Passion” Passionfruit Berliner Weisse
ABV 4%

Originally created for a homebrew competition by one of their regular casuals, Chris Doble. It took out first place in the Homebrew Hoedown event at Uncle Hops (Newtown) during 2018’s Sydney Beer Week. Chris has now teamed up with the brewers to scale it up and share with you all! Super light and dry (50% wheat), kettle soured for a nice tart finish, and then overloaded with passionfruit, roughly 2.5 times the amount of fruit that we use in Peach Sauce!

“Pazy Hale” Hazy Pale Ale
ABV 4%

Big, juicy, hazy pale ale, bordering on an IPA but with a slightly more responsible ABV.
El Dorado hops are the star of the show here. The recipe has been tweaked since last year, this version should hold its haze better and will have a softer mouthfeel.

Alpha Crucis Australian XPA / Now in a can!
ABV 5.5%

A long time favourite in the range has had a very exciting makeover.

Alpha Crucis showcases three great hop varieties coming from Hop Products Australia: Galaxy, Topaz and Victoria Secret. Named after the brightest star in the Southern Cross constellation, Alpha Crucis IPA sings of sweet tropical fruits and zingy citrus. The moderate bitterness and clean dry finish makes for an IPA that suits the Australian climate and culture. The 5.5% ABV allows for a more thorough investigation (another pint) of the great hops and malt being grown in Australia.

Hazy IPA

Although originally not intentionally cloudy, the haze has now become very important in differentiating NEIPA from other IPAs. Also intrinsic to the style are big late kettle and dry hop additions to encourage juicy flavours and aromas from hops with a lower bitterness than traditional IPAs. Our Hazy IPA is brewed with a percentage of rolled wheat and oats to give a silky mouthfeel to complement the juicy hop character. Huge hop additions of new world fruity hops give the beer big fruity hop character (think mango nectar, orange,peach) along with the hallmark hop haze.

Red Acid

Blended Red Sour Ale
KEG only

A complex and easy-drinking sour red beer created by blending a portion of wild, barrel aged mixed fermentation ale into a light and fruity fast soured red-hued base. Fruity esters, sweet malt, toasted oak, lactic-and acetic-acid combine to give this bright, tart and refreshing beer subtle hints of balsamic vinegar and pie cherry.