We were very excited last week to get our first shipment of Fox Hat Lusty Lager, Metric IPA & Phat Mongrel in cans.
Some may ask, why cans over bottles?
The craft beer industry in the USA has seen a huge shift from bottles to cans over the past few years and now Australia is following suit. Pirate Life has paved the way in Australia, they embraced the can rather than the bottle, to help the transition they created an infographic to explain why.

The Humble Tinny

It seems Perth beer enthusiasts are loving Fox Hat as much as we are, the feedback we are seeing on Facebook proves just that.

‘Winning. Giving Pirate Life a solid run for their money.’

‘What a lager should taste like.’

‘Phat Mongrel Stout is a cracker.’

‘Lovin the Phat Mongrel.’

So if your wondering ‘Where the Fox Hat’ then drop us a line and we can tell you where you can get your hands on some.



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