It has been over a week since Taste of Perth for 2016 and the caffeine is only now taking effect.

Firstly we would like to say thank you to the great weather fairies, last year the rain was coming in sideways, luckily this year the weather was great.

This year we really wanted to give everyone the chance to TASTE, LEARN and LOUNGE.
To TASTE we had a range of wines from EVOI, XABREGAS, WILLOUGHBY PARK and YELLAND & PAPPS, plus four beers from BOSTON BREWERY. We had a bigger and better than ever bar for everyone to LOUNGE and as always our Masterclasses for those who wanted to LEARN. This year we added on a fifth Masterclasses, four GRAPE inspired classes and one for the GRAIN enthusiasts.

But before I tell you more about our Masterclasses we have to acknowledge our new TV star.
Maria agreed to be the face of G&G on Channel 10 news, Matt was very grateful, his worst nightmare. Thanks Maria

Now onto our Masterclasses. For the first time BOSTON BREWERY were on board to let all those GRAIN enthusiasts explore how raw ingredients combine to make different styles of beer. Head Brewer Tyson educated everyone while showcasing his Rye Pale Ale, Nut Brown Ale, Outmeal Stout and Ginger Beer. We didn’t have to ask if anyone enjoyed Tyson’s class, it was obvious seeing he usually chatted with people for half an hour after the class.

Boston Brewery

Our very own Maria showed everyone a selection of skin contact whites in her ‘Orange is the new White’ masterclass.
Her first question to everyone was ‘who knows what an Orange wine is?’, by the time she was finished they were all experts. Maria showcased 4 skin contact whites all with varying time on skins. Si Vinters 2014 Si White which is 10 days on skins, Salomon Estate 2014 ‘The Verve’ Contact White Viognier which is 21 days on skins, Alpha Box & Dice 2013 Golden Mullet Fury which is 56 days on skins and lastly Brash Higgin’s 2015 Zibibbo which is 150 days on skins.

Orange is the new White

Nigel of EVOI wines once again helped us to create our own Margaret River red, this was by far our most popular class last year so we decided to give it another go.
Nigel bought along some Petit Verdot, Malbec and Cabernet barrel samples so everyone could create their own personal wine. Thanks Nigel.

Evoi Blending

The Mad Man of Riesling, Paul Hogan of XABREGAS asked everyone to Rethink Riesling.
Paul showcased two of his own wines, the 2014 Figtree Vineyard Riesling and the 2015 Mad Men Devolution Riesling alongside the 2014 Palmetto Eden Valley Riesling from McLaren Vale and the 2013 Solomon Undhof Kremstal DAC Kogl Riesling from Austria. Paul loves talking to everyone about Riesling and encouraging them to think past the Riesling you first tried in your younger years. One thing I am sure everyone will take away with them is a new understanding of Riesling and will no longer refer to certain styles as sweet, but as Paul prefers, fruity.

Rethink Riesling

Michael of YELLAND & PAPPS made his first appearance at Taste of Perth, trekking all the way here from Barossa Valley. I think he now has a new following in Perth after showcasing a range of his wines made using very different techniques. His non-filtered V filtered Roussanne / 2015 Y&P Devote Roussanne V 2015 Second Take Roussanne and his non-filtered V a filtered Shiraz / 2014 Y&P Greenock Shiraz V 2015 Second Take Shiraz.


Thank you to everyone who attended one of our classes and to everyone who worked hard to make it a success, you all know who you are.

Before we go can someone please take note and next time make sure you remind us not to go out drinking till 2am in the middle of a festival.
But if we do we need to remember to once again take Paul Hogan’s advice and have a drink asap. He insists the ‘hair of the dog’ theory is scientifically prove and we think he may be right, a few Boston Brewery Ginger Beers along with some delicious dishes from Bisto G did the trick.

Bistro G

The very exhausted G&G team.