Before you read about our first road trip for 2016 we thought it was best to introduce you to the author, the wonderful Maria Murphy.

After getting her BA in Culinary Arts from the Dublin Institute of Technology Maria spent time in Michelin starred kitchens only to discover that wine was her real passion. She started her career in the wine industry in Ireland’s oldest wine merchants and continued her wine education completing her Diploma from the coveted Wine & Spirits Education Trust in London. Maria moved to Perth, worked a vintage in Margaret River in 2011 and then settled into the world of wine distributing.

We love Maria, however after being stuck on the road with the boys for 3 days she may not love us anymore.

So here it is, Maria’s first of many BLOGs for G&G.


Our first road trip for 2016 and the first road trip for Luke started off with a real treat. Nigel Ludlow of EVOI presented us with a vertical tasting, lined up were of all of Nigel’s Reserve Chardonnay from 2007 to 2015. The wines tracked Nigel and EVOIs path in life, it was fantastic to see the development of the wines and show the longevity you can expect from them. We also saw some 2015 reds ready for bottling including some single barrel Petit Verdot and Malbec for the Satyr blend.
A great visit as usual, as we say #welovenigel.

Evoi Vertical Tasting

Our next stop was to Morries for dinner where we had a fantastic Les Sauvages Touriga Nacional and Attolo Black Wine Malbec, both from Margs.
The Touriga had wonderful sweet & perfumed nose. We followed it up with a trip to Settlers- boys on the beers (except Luke- he was drinking SuperDry! WTF).

Friday kicked off with a leisurely breakfast at Riversmith. After a feed and some coffee we headed off to DRIFTWOOD ESTATE to meet winemakers Ely Jarvis and Paul Gallagher. The last of the Cabernet had just been picked finishing off a vintage that they are very pleased with. After a brief vineyard tour we tasted the latest releases. The release of the 2014 ‘The Collection’ reds and 2015 ‘Artifacts’ Chardonnay sees a transition to wines completely made under Ely’s watchful eye. All of the wines are looking very smart- the oak is a little paired back and the fruit is a lot more forward. Driftwood are definitely raising the bar.

Next stop was KNEE DEEP to meet owners Phil & Sue and the viticultural team who had also picked the last of their fruit on Friday morning. It was a great time to visit as there was a lot of happy viticulturists & winemakers around on Friday with all 5 of our wineries finishing the 2016 harvest.

We started with some tank samples of SBS, SB and Rosè and continued with new vintage wines, the 2015 Premium Chardonnay 2015 and the 2013 Shiraz. Of course all these wines were accompanied by the fantastic Trust the Chef menu at the restaurant! Amazing! We also sampled the current vintage of the Limited Release Kim’s Chardonnay, the Limited Release Kelsey’s Cabernet 2011 and the Knee Deep Cabernet Merlot.
Afterwards we took a much needed walk in the vineyard where we strolled through a block of the Chenin Blanc which has been grafted over to a new clone of Merlot. New to Margaret River, the new clone of Merlot should produce a crop in 2017.

Our last visit for the day was to see Iwo at Si VINTERS. This is always a great visit as there are always some awesome surprises/ experiments in the making! We tasted the soon to be released 2015 Si White and 2015 Si Red as well as tank samples of some new exciting wine, watch this space!
We also got to check out the art work and beautifully hand crafted bar in the tasting room.


HIGHER PLANE was our last stop on Saturday morning before heading home.
They put us to work immediately doing punch downs of Cabernet and taking Baume and temperature readings of ferments. Our hard work was rewarded with a great brekkie and an amazing tasting of HIGHER PLANE wines against other wines from the Warner Glen area. A really interesting line up that we tasted blind and it kept us all on our toes!
Watch this space for HIGHER PLANE Fiano and Tempranillo!

Thank you to all our hosts for having us! We had a blast and learned a lot!