Between Five Bells Heathcote

Between Five Bells Geelong, Victoria

Between Five Bells Heathcote

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Between Five Bells, at its heart, a collective.

David works in the family wine-distribution firm, (as the sixth generation), Ray is the proprietor, viticulturist and winemaker for the wonderful Lethbridge Wines, Josh is the sommelier of China Doll in Sydney, and Alex makes wines for both Lethbridge and his own label, Byrne Wines.

These are co-fermented wines, made for no other reason than to be delicious. One of the most fascinating things about these wines are the beautiful and innovative labels. The labels feature graphics which are representations of data collected about each wine, for example the Red label represents the heat of the ferments, the time on skins and the ripeness of the grapes.

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Between Five Bells


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