Can’t tell you how excited we are, Boston Brewing Co cans have arrived!

The timing of the release has coincided with a full rebrand for Boston.
Zendoke who are behind a number of Australian craft beer designs worked extensively with Boston Brewing Co to develop a brand & strategy that leveraged the wonderful town of Denmark and spectacular Great Southern region of Western Australia. The designs and renaming of the beers took inspiration from the region; from the crisp clean waters and ancient rock formations, to the untouched forests that meet the sea. The Splendid Blue Wren, found in the Brewery’s new identity is also the symbol of the town of Denmark in Western Australia.

From the birds eye perspective of the Boston wren, the can designs follow a journey of the wren as it travels points of interest found in and around the brewery and Great Southern Region.

Out in stores as of this week you will see in cans ‘Tingletop’ Ginger Beer, ‘Boondie’ Rye Pale Ale and the award winning ‘The Right’ Nut Brown Ale. But that is not all, Boston will also be releasing seasonal brews in a very sexy black Boston Brewing Co can, the first release we will see sometime next month.

Here is the low down on what is behind each new name and can design.

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BOONDIE Rye Pale Ale
A term only West Australians would probably know, a Boondie is a type of rock/stone made of sand that all West Aussies kids launched at a siblings head at some point in their lives.
The design for the Boondie cans was inspired by Elephant Rocks which are a famous rock formation on the beach in Denmark.
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THE RIGHT Nut Brown Ale
The Right is one of the world’s most dangerous and unpredictable waves, the waves barrel can get so large it can easily fit two surfers.
Taj Burrows and Mark Matthews made history back in 2014, not only did they surf The Right together, they also got it all on camera.
Mark came out of the experience with lacerations to his face and a ruptured eardrum, check out the footage at
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Plays homage to the world famous giant Tingle Trees of the Great Southern. These days you can explore the Valley of the Giants up high in the canopy, however back in the 70s many West Australians would remember parking their Kingswood in the hollowed out trunk of one of these beautiful trees.


BOSS Premium Lager
This one is simple, the boss of Boston Brewery loves Lager.

Is named after a lookout spot over the inlet in Denmark.
The area’s name derives from the local wildflower Gastrolobium Bilobium from which the poison ‘1080’ is derived.

HEY HAY Wheat Beer
Hay is the suburb in Denmark where you will find Boston Brewing Co.

A piece of machinery/person used to fell trees, Denmark had a vibrant timber industry in the past.

SHARK EYE Oak Aged Stout
This Stout is as black as a Great Whites eye.

STOKER Smoked Beer
There are plenty of campfires in the Great Southern to have a stoker at.

AFTERGLOSE Raspberry Gose
A play on words referring to the ruby afterglow of a Great Southern sunset in the summer.

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